Why do personal training?

If you have never had a personal trainer before the benefits can be immense. Even as trainers we have sessions with our fellow trainers to brush up on skills, learn new things and be pushed. A trainers role is to motivate, guide, inspire, educate and help you on your journey to get the results you want.

At Get Fit Central we pride ourselves on great technique and form. We are not about making the workout as hard as we can it is a journey for you that should be rewarding, educational and sometimes tough but tough because you are working hard at the correct load and rep scale. Any trainer can push someone till they are sick or can’t walk the next day this is not a sign of a good workout we believe you should feel pushed but keeping good form so that you do not end up with injuries and that puts a halt to your exercise goals. It is our job to get you there safely!

All our trainers have extensive experience in personal training and are always learning, a trainer should always do as many course and research as much as they can to broaden their knowledge base to share with clients and know what to do with rehab clients and injuries. We feel comfortable letting all our trainers take on any clients with any ailments knowing they have been sufficiently trained and very capable of their job.

A training session with a trainer will be productive from the get go making sure you are warmed up the benefits of a warm up are ten fold, your session will not be wasted like when you train yourself thinking about what to do next and not going near the things you don’t know what they are in case you end up looking like a fool and getting stuck in the machine, your trainer will show you how to work things in the gym and have you trying things you have never done. The trainer will listen to your wants and train you appropriately you will be told what to do which is nice in a world where we are so busy for someone else to take the time to prepare for you what you need to do. A good trainer will also end a session with a stretch or showing you stretches to do and also give you homework like changing something in your diet or walking a little further each day they will definitely ask you if you have done it when they see you next

And to all those thinking do I need a trainer yes do it you will enjoy and benefit so much from it, we hope to see you at Get Fit Central but if not enjoy your training!!!

We do 30 and 45 minute personal training sessions and included in our prices is a gym membership so you can come and use the gym as much as you like

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