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Our mission is to provide a place for our members and staff that makes them feel good, happy, supported and proud to be part of.  We will provide thorough and attentive coaching, our coaches will receive regular training so they can keep learning so they can keep teaching our member’s new skills, exercises and have a broad knowledge base.  Our members will have the opportunity to become athletes and a better version of themselves, they will be provided with clean and tidy equipment and gym spaces with a variety of classes on offer to help them become well-rounded athletes.  Everyone will be welcome no matter age, sex, ability and everyone will receive the same attention to detail every member deserves. Everyone including staff and Members will be proud to wear the green and call Get Fit Central and Inner City CrossFit their second home.

Our core values to help us achieve our goals are as follows:

1. Friendliness and warmth

2. Professionalism shown through consistency, punctuality, continuity and accountability

3. Cleanliness and tidiness

4. Energy, enthusiasm and passion

5. Commitment to our clients

What is included in your membership?

  • Open gym which is available during all our opening hours.
  • Free yoga classes

Securing your spot in classes

Once you are set up with a membership you will be able to download the Zen Planner App (available in the app store) and login via the email that will be sent to you via Zenplanner to set up a password.  Once you have set up your Zenplanner App you will be able to book in for classes.  Classes do have a limit on class size so we can provide excellent coaching and enough equipment.  If you do not secure your spot in class you run the risk of missing out on the class if it is full, we will always do our best to accommodate everyone but we do have limitations on certain classes.

Not cancelling a booking for classes

You can cancel bookings two hours before the start of class to save you losing your class.  If you do not cancel a booking within two hours your spot has been allocated and stops someone else from booking in if this happens you will lose this class from your weekly allowance.  Please note emails sent to us to cancel classes may not be seen on time so you do have to manage your bookings on the Zenplanner App

Not using your weekly allowance of classes

We understand that sometimes out of your control you are unable to make your classes. Any missed classes from your weekly allowance are available to be used within four weeks. After the four weeks they will no longer be available.  You can also swap 3 missed classes for 1 x 45 Minute PT session.  To book in your missed classes or PT please email us at info@innercitycrossfit.com.au

Using more than your weekly allowance of classes

You will not be able to book in for more than your weekly allowance so if you would like to do extra classes please email us so we can change the settings for you.

Holds and suspensions

In order to keep prices as low as we can and provide the best coaching we do not offer the opportunity to put your membership on hold if under six weeks unless you have an injury or illness.  The option for holidays is to reduce your membership to 1 class per week at a reduced rate of $20 to keep membership active you will then have a credit of classes for the duration of your holiday that can be used once you get back with no expiry or swap 3 missed classes for 1 x 45 minute PT session.  Please email us with details of your dates two weeks prior to going away so we can change your membership

If you are going away for longer than six weeks we can happily put your membership on hold you will need an email with two weeks notice to put this in place.

Payments that do not go through will incur a fee

Payments that bounce will incur a $14 fee from EziDebit (the debit company we use).  If a payment bounces your will receive an email for you to arrange payment or contact us to reset your account and take the payment.

Cancelling or changing membership

Please provide us with an email two weeks prior to cancellation date or membership change.  Memberships can be changed up or down at any time

Open Gym Use

We want to provide an area for our members to do their homework, practice skills, stretch, hang out and train with others but as community is important to us as well as all working out together and the belief that our classes will improve your skills, strength, fitness and conditioning more than you will do training by yourself it is a prerequisite of our memberships that everyone does at lease Two classes per week to be part of the community and have the opportunity to use open gym. Please respect others when using open gym and those doing PT sessions and please always tidy up after yourself.

Free Yoga Classes

We also want to provide all our members the opportunity to stretch more and learn stretches beneficial for them as individuals so we provide free yoga. You do not have to book in for this class it is first in best dressed.

Bringing Friends along

Please note we are more than happy to welcome your family and friends to become part of our family, but please respect that all new members must do a free intro session with a coach before coming into classes so we can assess their skill level, and have the opportunity to explain our culture, welcome them one on one and have the time to answer any questions they may have.  If you have a friend interested please let the coaches know and they will arrange a time for them and you are more than welcome to join them on the free intro session if you wish.  We also offer a referral thank you gift, which is a free PT session or $50 off your next bill.

For all membership inquires please email us at