Interval Training Today

For sprinting training today we did some testing which will be tested again in six weeks

Today we did the Copper Test for VO2 testing you need a 400 meter area, you run for 12 minutes at the end of the 12 minutes you record how many laps you did and work out the extra meters. You can then calculate your results by putting in your age, sex and distance covered to calculate your result, you can do via this website which I found helpful title=””> VO2 is something we have not measured before even though you would get a more accurate figure with a proper machine and treadmill we will use the results to gauge progressions and increase in fitness which will then be an increase in VO2

We also did the Illinois agility test we did three rounds each round trying to beat your time, here is the set up of the test

Our running group are doing great and we are working on the Pose Figure 4 running style

Next week we have a 5km time trial

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