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Get Fit Central

Get Fit Central

Adult Gymnastics Classes In Perth

Our team at Get Fit Central are here to provide programs that are designed to help adults learn the fundamentals of gymnastics, how to do muscle ups, pull ups, handstands, handstand walking and core conditioning. We offer gymnastics training for adults at our facility right here in Perth, where we use specialised equipment including drilled on rings and bars.

No matter whether you’re looking to try gymnastics for the first time or want to participate in competition events later on, this class is open to people of all ability levels. Our coaches have strong backgrounds in competitive gymnastics and calisthenics, and we have scaled options available for beginners and more advanced exercises on offer for regulars.

As part of our adult gymnastics programs we provide in Perth, our coaches will educate you on the basic movements and techniques in order to respect the process of the sport. Once we provide you with the education you need, we can then put together a tailored program so we can help you achieve your goals.


2 Weeks Unlimited Classes

3 x PT Sessions and


Unlimited Classes

2 Weeks


3 x Sessions

Personal Training

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Trying to find a gymnastics class for adults in Perth that’s right for you? Contact our Get Fit Central team today to get involved in our adult gymnastics programs by filling out the form below, or by calling us on (08) 9328 2002.

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