October 2, 2015

The double under (spinning the skipping rope twice to one jump)

For some this can come naturally and they make it look effortless for a lot of people this exercise is not so easy and can result in some painful whip marks, frustration and rope throwing.

As instructors it can be just as frustrating watching; willing our members on to get the double under, cringing with them when they miss the skip and end up with a punishing reminder of how painful skipping ropes can be when they come in contact with the skin, jumping on the spot hoping for them to get the rope under their feet, and not always having a lot of recommendations to help them get the double under apart from the ones listed in this blog and consistency.  This is the key practice and practice yes you might end up with some impressive welts that might have a few people talking, but you will get it – everyone does even does with no rhythm.

So if you are fed up and frustrated in not being the person that makes double unders look effortless we hope you get some tips from this article from the world record holder how does 164 in 60 seconds!!  http://dailyburn.com/life/fitness/crossfit-workouts-double-unders/