June 12, 2014

If you have never had a personal trainer before the benefits can be immense. Even as trainers we have sessions with our fellow trainers to brush up on skills, learn new things and be pushed. A trainers role is to motivate, guide, inspire, educate and make you feel comfortable and show you progressions.

During winter we all need a little push to get going and the best thing is exercise it keeps you warm, loosens up the body, increases circulation, increases mobility and makes you feel good. All clients say knowing that their trainer is waiting for them and has put time aside to train them is the motivation that makes them get into the gym and some may find it a struggle to get to the gym but are 100% happy they did it when they have finished. Booking an appointment will make you accountable and will give you a better chance to create a exercise routine.

At Get Fit Central we pride ourselves on great technique and form, we will not let you lift heavier or progress with movement if not ready. We are not about making the workout as hard as we can it is a journey for you that should be rewarding, educational and sometimes tough but tough because you are working hard at the correct load and rep scale. Any trainer can push someone till they are sick or can’t walk the next day this is not a sign of a good workout we believe you should feel pushed but keeping good form so that you do not end up with injuries and that puts a halt to your exercise goals. It is our job to get you there safely!

All our trainers have extensive experience in personal training and are always learning, a trainer should always do as many course and research as much as they can to broaden their knowledge base to share with clients and know what to do with rehab clients and injuries. We feel comfortable letting all our trainers take on any clients with any ailments knowing they have been sufficiently trained and very capable of their job.

A training session with a trainer will be productive from the get go making sure you are warmed up we are all guilty of jumping straight into workouts especially when we were younger as we are getting older the benefits of a warm up are ten fold, your session will not be wasted like when you train yourself thinking about what to do next and not going near the things you don’t know what they are in case you end up looking like a fool and getting stuck in the machine, your trainer will show you how to work things in the gym and have you trying things you have never done. The trainer will listen to your wants and train you appropriately you will be told what to do which is nice in a world where we are so busy for someone else to take the time to prepare for you what you need to do. A good trainer will also end a session with a stretch or showing you stretches to do and also give you homework like changing something in your diet or walking a little further each day they will definitely ask you if you have done it when they see you next

I personally feel blessed to a trainer and I am so happy to be in the fitness industry this year completes my 12th year in the industry and I have had the pleasure of meeting a huge variety of people who make me laugh, make my cry with them sometimes, I have seen them meet the love of their life, marry and have children, I love working with my 78 year old couple who are so strong and competitive and have me in stitches and admiration all the time. I have also had over 10 past clients become trainers themselves and trained one to run my first personal training studio in Wanneroo so I can now move onto my dream project Get Fit Central and Inner City Crossfit.

To all the trainers out there keep up the good work lets make this a fit community

And to all those thinking do I need a trainer yes do it you will enjoy and benefit so much from it, we hope to see you at Get Fit Central but if not enjoy your training!!!

June 10, 2014

We would like to welcome our new members who have signed up to the CrossFit fundamentals. We are looking forward to sharing a lot of knowledge and educating you on some great movements and have you feeling fit and amazed at what you can achieve. Well done for taking part, we will keep you posted with their progressions

June 6, 2014

We have had another 5 people graduate from our fundamentals program into CrossFit classes. They all completed 10 sessions and learnt the skills and techniques to safely do Olympic lifts and exercises used in our CrossFit classes. To graduate they had to complete Fight Gone Bad a tough CrossFit workout they all did fabulous.

fundamentals fight gone bad
May 26, 2014

We will be putting together a training program for this year’s city to surf

The program will be suited to runners wanting to do the 12km or half marathon and will show you tips and tricks to have an enjoyable comfortable run.

The training program will go for 8 weeks and will have you running efficiently and reducing injuries. The program will include 3 running sessions per week with a trainer, 1 Yoga or Pilates class, entry to the City to Surf and a team top

If you are new to running or a seasoned runner this program will be personalised to you.

Training starts July 5th so register now

May 22, 2014

We are happy to announce we are now starting to run our yoga classes.  Yoga is such a great way to spend an hour you can be doing yoga to relax, unwind, de-stress, get more flexible, be more balanced, meditate and to feel alive, plus more reasons.

We will be introducing soon Yoga for CrossFit and Yoga for runners watch this space for updates

Classes are on at the following times for May

Monday 5pm

Tuesday 6pm

Wednesday 4.30pm

Thursday 6am

Saturday 8.30am

May 8, 2014

We are now open for business and our exciting journey has now started!! Here is a little history about our new venue. We have two buildings one is 1 -3 Old aberdeen Place West Perth and the other is 3 -4 Cleaver Street. Aberdeen place was the original re store which is now on Oxford st in Leederville the building dates back to late 1940′s, and supposedly there is a picture of it at the Garage on Gordon st so we will have to go and check that out and try and get a copy. Cleaver street dates back to 1926 and was the first Rolls Royce Service Center. Both buildings needed some love and after 8 weeks we have transformed and given them a new lease of life to house Get Fit Central and Inner City CrossFit. Gym Before
Sparkling new gym