Want to become stronger and more powerful?

The Get Fit Central Barbell Club offers classes on Olympic Lifting, and strength classes to help you get strong.

Our Olympic Lifting classes work on the Snatch, Clean and Clean and Jerk. Our Coaches are avid lifters who have a passion for the sport. They will break down the movements for you, and teach you drills to get stronger and hit new personal bests. In this class it is about perfecting your technique so you can lift more

Our strength classes are a cross between power lifting, strong man and body building – taking parts from each discipline and mixing it up each week to work on overall strength. Your power lifting lifts like Bench, Deadlift and Squat will be covered as well as accessory work to make sure you are getting stronger all over. We also use strong man movements like deadballs, yokes, tyres and kettlebells to add a different element of training

This class is suitable for all levels and is all about getting stronger with correct technique. Both men and women train together in this class and no judgements are made from where you are starting from.

We look forward to seeing you get stronger and move better