RAF – Owner Head Coach

I worked numerous jobs until 2005 I did my personal training course and I finally found my passion. In 2006 I opened Get Fit with my wife Nicola it has grown quite substantially to a successful business and I am excited to now expand the Get Fit brand with the addition of Get Fit Central
My other passions from a young age was basketball I played state level and I also got my black belt in Karate. I also competed as a amateur boxer and competed at the natural body building Olympia competition.
In late 2007 I discovered CrossFit and did my level 1 in 2009 since then I have been doing CrossFit on a regular basis. My favourite workout is Jackie
After having a knee reconstruction in 2010 after a basketball accident I focus a lot on rehab and mobility and this is another passion I have
I believe learning is the key to making you better and I have studied with Steve Cotter a legendary Kettlbell instructor. I have also studied with Ido Portal and Dmitry Klokov


NICOLA – Owner Head Coach

Nic has always had a passion for being fit, her passions include running and lifting weights. She has been involved with team sports like netball and soccer indoor and out from a young age and then discovered weight training which she instantly enjoyed the feeling of being strong and getting stronger, she completed her Certificate 4 in Fitness in 2002 and has been in the industry since then.

2006 Nic and Raf opened Get Fit in Wanneroo a personal training studio that has won many awards and many members that have been there since day 1 this was their first fitness family and now they are excited to expand the family to West Perth as well. Nic loves the rewards of showing people what they are capable off and taking part in fitness events

Nic loves her running and enjoys triathlons and has competed in many events her favourite being the Blackwood Marathon. She also competed in fitness figure comps for five years and came 4th at the world championships but then needed a change and found Crossfit

Crossfit is her new passion and she loves the intensity and way it makes you do movements that you should be doing all the time. And makes you huffy puffy. She has had to work hard to undo old body building techniques to learn the Olympic lifts but is loving it.

She completed her Crossfit course in 2007 and is so excited to share the awesome feeling Crossfit gives you. Her favourite workout is and her goal is to make her overhead squat really pretty and get a muscle up!!

A highlight of her training career was training with Ido Portal and Dmitry Klokov

Nic is also currently studying yoga



Michelle – Trainer

Michelle is the owner, and a remedial massage therapist at Your Body Massage Therapy.

Michelle’s interest in massage started for her own benefit in developing a better understanding of body anatomy, movement and function, to assist with her own fitness and sport training. This quickly evolved into wanting to share her knowledge and skills with others. She has a keen interest in body range of motion, and the benefits of massage for sport training and injury rehabilitation.

Michelle loves doing event work; she has recently volunteered at the Ride to Conquer Cancer and Busselton Ironman. Michelle also works with state and national sporting teams (as a contractor to Julia Russell Massage), including the Fremantle Dockers.

Outside of massage, Michelle enjoys CrossFit and tennis. She also runs her own environmental consulting company; just to keep things busy!

Diploma of Remedial Massage (Australian Institute of Fitness)
Certificate IV Massage Therapy (Australian Institute of Fitness)
EMM-Tech Short Course
Kinesiology Taping Course (Rocktape)
Level 1 Barefoot Specialist Trainer
Apply First Aid




Dan has been a PT for four years and competes in Muay Thai and CrossFit, Dan also takes our boxing classes, CrossFit classes, Beginners CrossFit and personal training. Dan’s sessions are fun and intense.




Leanne fell in love with fitness after meeting Raf and Nic at their Wanneroo gym. Leanne was encouraged into running by Nic and was soon participating in a variety of fun runs and races. In early 2014 Leanne decided to expand her knowledge and gained her certifications in personal training. Once qualified Leanne commenced at the gym and quickly fell in love with the high paced workouts that CrossFit offer. Leanne is also a qualified special needs teacher and is in her element when training children and adolescents. Leanne enjoys anything that gets the heart racing and names Helen and Kelly as her favourite workouts.





My name is Taryn Weggelaar and I was born and bred in Perth, Western Australia. I have always been motivated to stay active – whether it be dancing, swimming, netball, indoor beach volleyball, boating, scuba diving, playing at the beach, walking, running, gym fitness classes…I can only ever sit still when I’m meditating or sleeping! The yoga I teach is a style called ‘Power Yoga’. Students feel comfortable and safe in my classes. I am a firm believer in practicing ‘Ahimsa’ (the first clause of the Yoga Sutras) which translates to ‘non harm’ or ‘non violence’. Yoga is all about strengthening the body and mind and connecting with your breath. The asanas – yoga poses – help build endurance and stamina, strengthen the muscles and bones and increase circulation in the body. Whilst a slight discomfort or feeling of strengthening is beneficial when working the muscles, at no stage should a student experience pain in their body. I am extremely careful with my students to offer various options and props to ensure a beneficial practice. Contraindications for injuries are always highlighted throughout the class and adjustments and corrections are offered to ensure each student receives the most out of their practice.




Kathy has been studying and practicing Iyengar since 1998. She was introduced to yoga after participating in a meditation course. At the time it felt too large of a leap from having no kind of ‘practice’, to sitting and ‘watching the mind’. A friend suggested she tried yoga! A bio-product of the practice was healing and rehabilitation following a full knee reconstruction. The practice played an important role in regaining the strength and full range of movement in the knee. Kathy is a dedicated student and teacher of Iyengar tradition. She has been teaching since 2000, gaining certification in the Iyengar Method in 2003, under John Leebold. When in Perth along with teaching Yoga she works as a Massage Therapist and as a Social Trainer, working with people with disabilities.






Fran has always had a passion for anything fitness, and had an active, sporting childhood. She became addicted to resistance training and endless cardio group classes after the birth of her now teenage daughters and has never looked back. Later discovering her love of running and competing in many competitions and knocking off two half-marathon’s since her 40th. Fran recently completed her cert 4 in fitness in September following her dreams to share her passion and enthusiasm with others and to help others also find the many rewards living fit and healthy offers. Fran loves to motivate, encourage and inspire all her clients to reach their potential and being the oldest team member, has a lot of life experience and compassion to back her up. She is strict on safety and technique however she won’t let you back down until you have given it 110%. Her plans are to increase her knowledge and training tenfold and become an A1 cross fit coach and athlete, provide quality service, sound advice and unstoppable support to the cross fit community. Fran looks forward to competing in the cross fit Masters in January and of course her favourite WOD is Fran.





CODEY (our strong guy) – COACH

Codey is the strong guy of the gym. He has been with Nic and Raf since he started and since he completed his Fitness Certificate. He has a power lifting and kick boxing background and is a great trainer who will motivate you to get great results. His boxing sessions are very popular and his weight sessions After being introduced to Olympic lifting he took to it really well and is getting stronger and stronger with a 200 kilo deadlift and 150 kilo bench at the moment.