April 7, 2015



What is the secret to getting this equation right you ask??

A general guide to this (cross fit philosophy) is to train consecutively no more than 3 days, but no less than two days. But this is a guide only, not anyone is the same or has the same goals. Above all, you need to listen to your body, be aware that you must work thru soreness and fatigue. However, never work thru pain, especially acute pain. Get in touch with what your body is telling you, and ACTUALLY listen. Train smart.

Training frequency is dependent on many factors, which are, GOALS, INTENSITY, REST, NUTRITION, EXISTING LEVEL OF FITNESS AND CURRENT LIFESTYLE.

· GOALS – Set yourself goals and then decide of training frequency from there. For example, if your wanting to maintain your current fitness levels your training frequency would not be the same as if you were wanting to increase fitness and then again if your wanting to compete.

· INTENSITY – The more intense you train the more rest you are going to need. If you have a really intense training session be prepared to allocate sufficient rest, however less intense sessions you may be able to stack more on top of each other before rest.

· REST – Rule of thumb, quality outweighs quantity. The most effective rest is lack of prolonged activity during the day and 8.5 to 9 hours consecutive sleep. Sleep is when the body repairs and rebuilds.

· NUTRITION – Good nutrition plays a vital role in your ability to perform, repair and re-fuel. If you’re not getting enough right nutrition (read labels guys and usually if it has a label it’s not great, fresh is best) will hinder your progress. Remember, you are what you eat.

· EXISTING LEVEL OF FITNESS – People that train less frequent get benefits faster and may require more recovery time. Elite athletes need to continue to shock their body’s to disrupt HOMEOSTASIS*, this is reached by consecutive training days or multiple workouts per day to trigger an adaption phase. In other words to keep advancing their fitness.

· CURRENT LIFESTYLE – you have to set aside time to train, the time will not free itself and be mindful not only of your fitness goals but also your life goals and find a balance. This is the key to success in what you do and will greatly combat failure to train.

Experiment with training patterns, keep a diary/record of it and then adjust to suit, your program will be as unique as you are and only you knows what works and feels best to you.

It’s also important to remember to not only consider cross fit WODS as your only tool to training. We here at Inner City/Get Fit Central offer yoga, mobility workshops, handstand workshops, Oly lifting specific classes and P.T (1 on 1), all aimed to help you develop strong, safe and functional methods that are essential to help develop you as an effective athlete.

Give good thought into your approach to training, create your right balance and find the necessary tools to succeed.